Passing the buck (to the bookies)

Cork it is then. Another gut-wrenching, ball-busting, heart-rending match against Cork who will be queueing up to remind us in their weasel-like way that they have yet to lose a proper knockout match to Waterford under Justin McCarthy. While there is mitigation from tonight’s match – Cork were bloody awful against a Tipperary team that was missing its top player(s) – I’m not going to pretend, only hours after I expressed a wish that we could play Tipperary, that I’m not disappointed to have to go through the whole Cork thing again. Instead, I’d like to draw / distract your attention to the sage wisdom of Mr Cyril Farrell in today’s Irish Independent (subs required):

 Another handy €3,000 gamble

SO you’re still with me on the betting run. If so, you’re €5,255 ahead as we head towards the knock-out games.

Let’s gamble with €3,000 this week and leave the rest for later on. Put €3,000 on Cork, Galway and Clare and watch it grow to €4,056. Add in the €2,225 we’ve set aside and it will leave you with €6,281 heading for the quarter-finals.

And your initial €5,000 stake from SSIA money is snoozing contentedly back in the bank. You can’t go wrong!

It’s true what they say, that you never see a bookie on a bicycle.