Them Damn Cats!

Could it have possibly been a better day for Kilkenny? Wexford’s win over Tipperary removes the wildcard that is Babs from the pack. I should probably mouth some platitude about it being folly to write off Wexford, that we did it in 2003 and look what happened then. But there is little (sez he, hedging his bets a wee bit) chance that Wexford will overcome Kilkenny, provided they could overcome Galway.

Ah, Galway. Twice in the last six years they have caught Kilkenny on the hop in highscoring, tight encounters. Three times (albeit once after a replay) they have been brutalised to an appalling degree. Midway through the second half of a highscoring, tight encounter, it looked like history was about to repeat itself, by which I mean I had a feeling in my waters that Galway were going to do it. So much so that I was was idly wondering about the pleasing possibility for hurling (not that I give a fig about ‘hurling’; Waterford are what matters) of having Waterford, Galway, Wexford and Limerick / Clare in the semi-final.

But one kamikaze moment by the Galway backs left Eddie Brennan as one of only two men within 40 metres of the Canal End or the Davin Stand or whatever they’re calling it these days (Galway goalie Colm Callanan being the other) and that was effectively that.

So Kilkenny have the double whammy of getting their first genuinely tough encounter of the year – no danger they’ll be caught cold by anyone now – and a nice soft day against the Wexicans to keep things ticking over before they play the winner of the three-part bloodbath that constitutes the other half of the draw.

The tension has finally hit me about tomorrow. Can you tell?


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