Eoin Kelly vents his spleen

Passage’s finest is in fighting form according to Setanta Sports, hammering the GAA for an inter-county schedule that has left players “crippled” and labelling the All Stars “a joke” – thanks to Ollie over at Up the Déise for bringing these to the world’s attention.

His comments about the All Stars remind me of the manner in which celebrities attempt to play it cool while waiting for Jeremy Clarkson to tell them their lap time in the reasonably priced car on Top Gear, affecting disinterest until they find out then whooping with delight / looking like they’ve been mugged. Everyone ridicules the All Stars, yet everyone wants one so they must be doing something right. Now, if Dan really was overlooked for Hurler of the Year, that might be worthy of anger.

(Interestingly, the Sunday Tribune thinks Kelly should be aggrieved at being left out. Personally, I don’t think he is. It’s not as if he hasn’t got one.)

His views on the hurling schedule are much more telling and have to be treated seriously. There’s no doubt that the GAA are packing out Croke Park at every available opportunity, and after the tremendous season we’ve just had in hurling where the crowds kept on coming – in marked contrast to the football, with only ~40,000 turning out for the Cork – Meath semi-final – the temptation might be there to keep the hurling fans in Dublin as much as possible. Hopefully the new championship format, messy and all as it is, will sort this out. And while you’ve got to be careful when suggesting that Kilkenny, or anyone else for that matter, might have easy ride in the championship, I seem to recall Eoin Kelly was singled out by a journalist earlier on in the year as not blaming anyone for Waterford’s problems other than Waterford (can’t find the article on Google though – d’oh). Still, anticipate all sorts of talk about sour grapes when we reach the business end of the championship again.


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