Waterford GAA on Wikipedia

GAA pages on Wikipedia seem limited, not least the Waterford page, so I’ve added a probably overly comprehensive history of the various inter-county hurling teams, shamelessly culled from Dickie Roche’s A Story of Hurling in Waterford – I’ll get around to acknowledging it, promise. Hopefully it won’t get trashed for being too verbose, but it’s a start. I’ve also tweaked the list of senior country hurling champions so there is a list of wins by club. Feel free to demolish it with impunity – you’ll do it with or without my permission.


3 thoughts on “Waterford GAA on Wikipedia

  1. deiseach Post author

    Cheers, sid. Don’t be afraid to take it apart if you feel Cnoc Sion are not getting their due credit! 🙂

  2. sid wallace

    if you are using Dickie Roche’s book as your Rosetta Stone you won’t stray too far from the truth Deiseach.

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