And they’re OFF

Peace of a kind has broken out in Cork as Kieran Mulvey’s recommendations look like being acceptable to both parties. Who the winner is, only time will tell. The players seem to have secured the head of Teddy Holland, which while less than what they asked for to begin with, definitely represents a blow to the County Board who will have to defend the ejection of the man put in place by their own procedures. However, a committee consisting of five County Board men and two players looks heavily skewed, and the insistence that the players cannot go on strike means their future wriggle room is limited.

For Waterford folk, we have the unbelieveable – by which I mean totally believeable, given the supine nature of Headquarters in the face of the big counties in general and Cork in particular – situation where Cork are granted yet another postponement, this time of their match against us. So all that rhetoric that it was two missed matches and you’re out of the NH/FL has been exposed as so much hogwash. Everyone in Cork GAA – and I mean everyone – should be donning sackcloth and ashes at this stage, but instead we can look forward to their smug sniggering as they are given a degree of latitude that no one else would be given but they seem to take as their entitlement.