Nineteen point-less?

Gaelic games lacks the constant churning of professional sports to allow hacks to file fresh copy every (Sun)day, so certain questions get asked and answered – not that anyone who actually has to decide on these things is interested in what said hack thinks – again and again. We can look forward to another handwringing article in the next few weeks from Martin Breheny, citing Waterford drubbing of Antrim in Dungarvan today as evidence that These Games Do Weaker Counties No Good Whatsover.

A few weeks after that, we’ll have an article deriding the GAA for not giving the weaker counties the opportunity to play the bigger counties. How, Breheny (or whoever) will posit, are the weaker counties ever meant to improve if they don’t get games againt the big boys?

Personally I think that Antrim have got to play these kind of games if they are ever to prosper, although they will only ever be a necessary condition for improvement, never a sufficient one. The real problem is for Waterford. Having not seen the game, being reluctant to drag Mrs deiseach out to Dungarvan having just returned from seeing Fernando Torres FC wallop Newcastle a mere 20 hours earlier, I can’t tell how good or bad Waterford and Antrim were. But it’s fair to say that three games (walkovers included) into the National League, Waterford are no closer to discovering the two or three finds that any team needs to keep the squad fresh for the Championship. It’s Kilkenny in Nowlan Park next Sunday, it can’t come soon enough.