No hurlers.

No Reds.

No Six Nations.

A free weekend!

Okay, the footballers are attempting to improve on last season’s excellent results in the League and atone for the disappointment of the Championship, but frankly I can’t get het up over their exploits. Call me a curious bystander. So forgive me if I put my feet up and relax.

Update: even when you’re not involved, you get sucked in. With the lineup for the English FA Cup semi-finals looking like an audition for the villain in a Saw movie, thank God for the footballers. You could get used to this winning-in-Ennis lark.



2 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. deiseach Post author

      Yeah, I noticed their result on Aertel late on Sunday evening. What can I say? They don’t make any more impact on my consciousness than my club

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