Return of the Mac


The meeja often get criticised for whipping up storms of indignation where none would otherwise exist. Conflict is grist to the mill of your average hack. Which makes it all the more impressive that Justin McCarthy has kept his counsel on the manner in which he was frog-marched out of the county on which he had lavished such riches. When you see the understandable manner in which Gerald McCarthy lashed out at those who traduced him in the recent strike in Cork, it makes Justin’s silence all the more remarkable – and classy.

This is not to say that I’d rather that Justin was still in the Waterford hot seat. His time had run his course, and like many a successful manager before him the ideas that had invigorated players at first seemed stale nearly seven years on. The manner in which he left still sticks in the craw though. Having hit the ground running in previous stints with Antrim, Clare, Cork and Waterford, it doesn’t seem fanciful to think he could do the same with Limerick, All-Ireland finalists a mere two years ago. If he does, the stick the Waterford panel will receive will be merciless. The only consolation would be that Justin won’t be the type to rub salt into the wounds.