Spreading a little joy and happiness

It’s almost compulsory to diss the All Star awards, so it’s doubtful whether the people who select the winners would be moved by any praise at all, let alone from a lone(ly) Déise-serving blogger. Still, it needs to be said: they did good this year. Giving an award to John Mullane was a no-brainer, but there was always going to be scope for leaving out Michael Walsh, an attitude that yerra, Waterford have already won one they’d better not get notions above their station – this despite Walsh being even more deserving than Mullane on the basis of performances. So no complaints from Waterford or Galway, or Dublin even where they must view Alan McCrabbe’s gong as increasing evidence of the progress in the game. In fact, the most moaning will be from Tipperary, where four awards from thirteen nominations will have echoes of Waterford’s angst over our 1-from-10 return in 1998. Then there is Kilkenny, where every slight is nurtured with Homeric zeal. Only six All Stars. Expect Cody to use that as a rallying call as they go for the five-in-a-row.