3 (All-Ireland’s) is a magic number

Viz  – or it may have been Zit; not that I ever read either a friend told me about it honestlywhatareyousuggesting – once had a ‘letter’ from J Howard Marshall of Texas where he asked what you would do if you were a octogenarian with $900 million in the bank: put it in the Post Office savings bank or the thong of a plump-breasted hussey? Robert Finnegan is clearly channeling the spirit of the bould J Howard as he splashes 3 Ireland’s cash on all things Waterford, first sponsoring the Blues and now Waterford GAA. The hurlers are surely a decent investment for any advertiser, attracting a lot of attention over the years.

As for the shirt, modelled above by Dan Shanahan and Michael Walsh (so that’s what he looks like without a helmet) . . . meh. One Waterford jersey is much the same as another.