Vengeance is mine, sayeth John Owens

After a strong run through the League in 2008 – all other things being equal, Waterford were a last-gasp Tipperary goal away from promotion, a Tipperary team now duking it out in Division 2 – hopes would have been high for 2009. These hopes were crushed when beaten by London. With all due respect to the Exiles and Kilkenny (a guaranteed cue for some less-than-respectful comments) Division 4 is a seven team league with results against them being seen as necessary but not sufficient conditions for success. Waterford’s goose was cooked as soon as they lost in Ruislip.

No such concerns this year, and management will be particularly pleased that the team didn’t succumb to thoughts of here-we-go-again when London raced into a three point lead. It’s going to be a tight division – the other teams with 100% records, Clare and Limerick, have played Kilkenny and London respectively  – but at least they haven’t shot themselves in the foot. Not yet, anyway . . .