Let that be a lesson to you!

The most obvious battleground position in the Waterford team for 2010 is goalkeeper, where Adrian Power has been knocking on Clinton Hennessy’s door ever since Ballyduff Upper won the county championship in 2007. This time last year it looked like Power would get his chance but Hennessy stepped his game up to the point where he was nominated for an All Star. You’ve got to give Power a chance to strut his stuff, if only to keep him from getting frustrated, so with the dose-of-salts nature of the lineup against Dublin it was a surprise that there was no place for him. The absence from that game is doubly perplexing now that he has been chosen for the Galway game. If it wasn’t opportune then, why is it now? Anyway, Galway are sure to present a greater to him than Dublin did. A good performance against them would certainly get people talking.