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Jamie O’Keeffe, scribe for The Munster Express, near neighbour and not-so-near-relative by marriage (sez he, to freak the bould Jamie out), has taken the plunge into the blogosphere with Hungforalamb.com. Best of luck with the new venture, Jamie, and it’s great to see new Waterford blood on the scene what with Up the Déise in hiatus. However – and I bring this up for his own good, to toughen him up in the febrile online world, not out of any desire to act the maggot (ahem) – anyone under illusions about Jamie’s first love should remember what he chose to do when Waterford reached the 2002 Munster final – watch the World Cup final. Todos juntos, vamos pra frente Waterford!

Update: Jamie makes a perfectly reasonable response in the comments section. With a bit of luck, our blogs won’t solely consist of the two of us bandying things back and forth 🙂


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle

  1. Jamie O'Keeffe

    Thanks for the “PR” Niall (and the kindly exposé). I’ll return the favour in due course.
    I’m not normally thin-skinned, but just by way of clarification/self-defence, my choice in 2002 wasn’t to watch the World Cup final: it was to watch both Brazil-Germany AND the Munster Final, albeit on the box (having missed the ’98 France-Brazil final on account of Clare-Waterford, part I).
    My first love is sport. A mortal sin. One’s Waterford bona fides are subjective, but I was among the not-so-heaving masses going to Waterford matches – championship, league and challenge – long, long before 2002, or ’98 (I think I’ve missed three championship ties ‘in the flesh’ since ’97).
    I played the game/s – sometimes good, more often bad, and with natural ugliness – for 20 years. For all the genuine lovers of Portláirge hurling (yourself included), there are plenty who were lucky enough to be there in ’02 who wouldn’t know a hurler if Tony Browne sat down beside them on the bus; there were so many alleged witnesses to that particular Munster Final miracle it’s a bit like when Munster beat the All Blacks. Not so many of the tens of thousands to be had at junior club games, mind you.
    And, for what it’s worth, I’ve never used my job to get into Semple, PUC, Croker, where have you. I pay my way and stand on the terraces with the great unwashed. Jut like Con Houlihan has never been in a pressbox in his life (the ruthless namedropping would kill him). He also watched the soccer/hurling double-bill on TV that June day nearly eight years ago. But then again he’s not from Waterford, I suppose.
    Ar deireadh, (according to google) John Buchan, the Scottish writer-cum-Canadian diplomat, said: “The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than for what unites them.”
    Come on the Déise?

    Cheers for the plug


  2. Jamie O'Keeffe

    Clarification extra (this is getting messy!): The WC Final kick-off time in Yokohama in 2002 was 8pm local time, i.e. 11am Irish time. So I guess I could have made it to the hurlin’ after all… sheesh. Would’ve looked well in my Samba shirt ‘n’ all.

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