A game of four halves

First quarter: Galway outscored Waterford by 2-3 to 0-2
Second quarter: Waterford outscored Galway by 1-6 to 0-1
Third quarter: Galway outscored Waterford by 1-9 to 0-2
Fourth quarter: Teams finish level, Galway 1-2 Waterford 0-5

Gee, I wonder at what point it went wrong.

At half time it looked so good. After being hit by a goal after a mere fifteen seconds, one that Adrian Power won’t want to see again as he let a ball through his midriff, Waterford had the luxury of some profligate shooting to lead by two at the break. Add in a robust performance from Dublin in Parnell Park against Tipperary and we were surely ready to take on the world. Fifteen minutes later you’d afraid they would be outhurled by the talent at Sea World.

It’s the Dublin performance that gives Waterford some grounds for optimism – Dublin’s performance today, that is. Teams are in a state of flux with Galway (as unconvincing against Limerick as they were convincing today) and Waterford shorn of much of their talent and Dublin uncertain whether they have what it takes. On the one hand they could be really good and had a bad day at the office against us. On the other hand they could be as bad as they looked against us and it was Tipp today who had the blip. Harry Truman yearned for a one-handed economist. We’ll have to wait until the summer to see which hand is right.