What not to wear

Why do goalkeepers wear different coloured shirts to the rest of their team? As far as I know, they don’t have any special protection and they can’t do anything different to outfield players  (Update: see comments). Whatever the reasons, they do wear different shirts and it makes sense to ensure they don’t clash with the opposition. It’s not a big deal for Waterford hurling with our use of blue for the goalie – there’s enough of a difference from Laois jerseys and we’re  not likely to meet Wicklow, Longford or Cavan any time soon – but Galway’s keeper wears all white all the time. This meant Colm Callanan donning this training pitch atrocity:

Before we get too cocky though in this battle of sartorial elegance, a new facet of the Waterford kit came into view today. Maybe it’s a sign of neat young Turks or players feeling the need to protect their shins after Alan McCrabbe’s experience last week. Whatever it is, a few players had their socks quite literally pulled up against Galway. Their white socks.

Who do they think we are? Chelsea? We’ve already had white shorts turn blue, now we have blue socks going white. Will they go the whole hog? I think we should be told.

4 thoughts on “What not to wear

  1. Tom

    The goalkeeper wears a different colour shirt because in football he is allowed to touch/pick the ball off the ground inside his own small box.

  2. Dan the Man

    Your friend Tom above is right, but he is talking about football. Hurling is different.

    Rule 5.30 (a) To charge (in a manner otherwise permissible on an opponent) the goalkeeper in his small rectangle.

    In other words he can be challenged for the ball but not shouldered or tackled, hence the reason for the different jersey. I’m surprised a person of your stature didn’t know that!

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