Three step in, two step out

During my playing days, I routinely managed the seemingly impossible: shying from the epicentre of the clash of the ash and still managing to get injured from flying hurleys. Thus I became living testament to the instinctively contradictory notion that the best way to avoid getting hurt was to get stuck in. Sadly no amount of experience or testimony could convince my psyche of this truth,the blows kept coming and my uselessness became ever more obvious.

So what have such meanderings got to do with the Waterford hurling in 2010? It is teeth-grindingly frustrating to see Michael Walsh getting injured at the fag end of a game that was already gone. Was he trying too hard to rescue a lost cause or was he not trying hard enough and suffered from that kind of blowback I used experience? The truth is probably that it was neither, that it was just one of those things. But you can’t help but wonder. It’s great to have Dan Shanahan,  John Mullane and – most excitingly – Ken McGrath back from their period of R&R, but the loss of Walsh will likely prove terminal to our League hopes.