Munster mash

It’s been a good weekend thus far for Waterford, with the Blues pooping the party at Turner’s Cross while the footballers managed to tack on the extra point needed to earn an extra point against Limerick after two successive draws. Given the chaos down in Limerick, the hurlers were probably the best bet out of those three to win before the weekend. Expect disaster.

Update: Alexei Sayle once did a sketch where he deconstructed the colossal conceit behind the statement “oh, it always rains when I leave home without an umbrella”, detailing the forces that would need to be at work for such a scenario to be true, i.e. dedicated rain spirits cranking out the precipitation to order for one person. I am reminded of that when I look at predictions of impending doom for the Waterford hurlers because the gods of irony decree that because the football teams, both gaelic and association, have won and the Limerick hurlers are in trouble then a surprise result must happen. Even more ridiculous is the idea that a lone blogger can somehow deflect he attention of said gods by predicting said doom. Waterford were always going to win yesterday and I knew it.

Will it stop me forecasting against Waterford? Like fun it will. Those irony gods are devious beggars.