The definitely-not-a-prediction-post post

Flush with success at successfully parsing the requirements of the footballers in their remaining games, it’s time to apply the same logic to the hurlers in their quest for League glory – please note that I’m assuming everyone wants to win the League, which while it should be the case for Waterford is not something you can take as given because of the nonsensical love GAA managers have for playing silly buggers.

Carrying on with the theme of fanciful assumptions, let’s assume Waterford beat Offaly and the oh-so-vulnerable Kilkenny. That would leave us on ten points. With Galway and Cork playing against each other, meaning the teams on the front row of the grid are guaranteed to pick up two points between them, the simplest path for Waterford would be if Cork went nap, beating Tipperary and Galway. That would take Tipperary out of the equation. We would then need Dublin to draw with or beat Galway because Galway’s win over us would be the tiebreaker with them.


When I started this post I assumed there would be one simple path for us alongside a few difficult ones, much as beating Wicklow gave the footballers three chances of getting promoted, but that looks as good as it gets for the hurlers. An example of a trickier path would involve a draw between Cork and Galway, Tipperary beating Cork and Offaly beating Tipp, thus allowing Waterford to leapfrog Cork if the Rebels get stuffed by Tipp and / or we run up a cricket score against Offaly and / or Kilkenny.

Time to play silly buggers and start preparing for the Championship.