Blood and belonging, part two

Back in the days when I had little interest in Waterford United – ah, happy carefree days – I was a mite defensive about not supporting the Blues, rationalising that if you were going to ‘follow your local team’ then Tramore Rangers (swanky new website, Rangers!) or Tramore AFC would be the logical choice. I’ve spent more nights in my life in Glastonbury than in the city of Waterford from whence the Blues hail whereas near or far, no matter where I roamed, my heart has always been with you, Tramore my home.

And lo! it has come to pass that a choice must be made as Waterford United have drawn Tramore in the Munster Senior Cup. In truth, there is no conflict – the Blues come first. But it hammers home the great advantage the GAA enjoys by dint of the county loyalties that are intrinsic to the sense of identity of so many of us, loyalties that in a classic circular argument were forged by the GAA. That circle is not the biggest problem facing domestic soccer. But it’s a useful weapon in the GAA’s arsenal.

PS note the Hon Sec for Tramore Rangers – it’s a small world.