Damien Lawlor on the Waterford footballers

When Pat Comer decided to make a documentary about the Galway football team on which he was the sub goalkeeper, the inspiration was probably to show how the peons of sport cope with their status as eternal whipping boys. To see why the Kerry boyos keep going back is easy, to see why someone from Galway, memories of glory fading out and being displaced by memories such as being humiliated by 12 man Dublin,is hard. So for Galway to go on and win the All-Ireland in the year that Comer brought the camera into the dressing room for A Year ‘Til Sunday was a stroke of luck.

But fortune favours the brave, and Comer was brave to set the wheels in motion. Damian Lawlor must feel the same way about his book about following the Waterford footballers throughout 2009, Working On A Dream, as they rose to heights barely dreamed of in Waterford GAA. Damien can be heard discussing their efforts this year with Darragh Moloney on Sport on 7 here.