Waterford GAA results archive – in the beginning

While investigating the demise of Geocities, I came upon this article which ridiculed many of the habits that Geocities spawned. The article tilts a little too far into the realm of mean-spiritedness, not giving enough weight to context of the time. For example, the reason ‘Under Construction’ gifs proliferated was because everything had to be done in HTML and people were loath to mess around with the homepage once it was done. Yes, most of these links remained zones of inactivity, but this was far preferable to having to dismantle the page and just about every link on it.

There is no such excuse in these days of blogging software. So my excuse for not unveiling a complete Waterford GAA results archive is that, well, there’s a lot of it. At the time of writing, there is a list of every Waterford result – date, venue, opponent, score – in the League back to 1977 and the Championship back to 1970. Eventually, thanks to the online archives of the Irish Times, the Irish Independent and the Munster Express available in Waterford City Library, this will be complete. How far we go after that – i.e. football results, Minor, Under 21 – will depend on the will to live.

At this point, a few acknowledgements seem in order. The Rosetta Stone of all things Waterford hurling is Dickie Roche’s A Story of Hurling in Waterford. A more surprising resource – surprising that something this useful should be so obscure – is the website gaainfo.com which has copious lists of games and players dating back to the early 1980’s. And heartiest thanks to the contributor on UibhFhailí.com who gave me their complete list of results thus allowing me to home in on the correct dates for each round of the League. If anyone wants the Excel spreadsheet I’ve put together, feel free to contact me at deiseach@gmail.com. But remember – it’s under construction.