Mixed emotions

It would be altogether too easy to be flippant about the footballers loss to Limerick in the Division Four final. After all, promotion was always the goal and this match mainly represented a nice trip to Jones’s Road and the results was peripheral, right? It’s possible, and a good Championship run has to be the priority. But there are precious few opportunities for Waterford teams to get their hands on some silverware and you don’t play a game, any game, unless you want to win it. It was a cracking game and given the one-point gap between the two teams when they met earlier in the campaign, it’s clear there isn’t much between the two teams. If they met again in the morning Waterford might win. And Waterford have the consolation of getting another crack at Limerick on the Munster semi-final. There’s the little matter of Clare, of course, but a team can dream.

Comments about the poor record of Waterford teams in Croke Park are to be taken as read. Move along, nothing to see here!