Waterford GAA results archive – a thing of beauty is joy forever (even if it’s from Tipp)

Google’s ace, no doubt about it. If someone posts an outrageous comment on a message board attributable to an unimpeachable authority, e.g. Nelson Mandela said that u r gay, it’s a doddle to cut and paste it into Google to discover if the great man really did question your sexuality.

But Google’s model has its flaws, primary among them being the concept that someone needs to click on a link to your site for your site to zoom up the rankings. One of the reasons for trying to compile Waterford’s results is to get a few more page views on the site as people surf in to find out did we really once lose to Mayo (we did). As part of the search for Waterford results I Googled the results of various other counties and came up not-very-much. Not out there, obviously.

Which made the inadvertant discovery via a comment on AFR of the Tipperary GAA Archive to be a bit of a shock. Every Championship result for every Tipp team, with the names of those who played. And there, in glorious cog-into-Excel format, is every Waterford result against Tipperary. Stunning, and thanks to our reliance on Google it’s almost impossible to find. Hopefully this post will help. But Sergey, Larry and co need to modify those  search algorithms to reflect such a glaring miss.