More weirdness in Munster minor

2009 saw the Munster Council conjure up a weird back door system which worked to Waterford’s advantage on their way to winning the Munster title, losing to Clare only to beat Limerick and play Clare again, beating them at the second attempt and knocking them out. This year is even more convoluted. Waterford play Clare tomorrow in Walsh Park. If Waterford win, *gets out slide rule* we will play the winners of a playoff between the losers of the match between Cork and Tipperary and the winners of a playoff between Clare (assuming we win) and the losers of the match between Limerick and Kerry. If we lose, we take Clare’s position in that jumble. What a mess. Confused? I should cocoa. Karma surely dictates that we win tomorrow and lose to Clare in the semi-final. For once, I’m in a position to see the match so we’ll be able to see if the 2010 Minors match to last year’s excellent vintage.

Update 30/4/10: not Clare or Tipperary or even Kerry, but Cork.