A little consideration for my weak ticker, please

When it comes to my team, watching them on the telly or listening to them on the radio makes me want to puke. The tension generated by the fear of the unknown is overwhelming. To deal with this, I prefer to be doing something constructive like the housework rather than watching / listening to the match, periodically checking the score on teletext or online.

(Please note this sense of despondency doesn’t apply when at matches. Perhaps it’s because you can see the action unfold properly as opposed to what is happening in the letterbox of the camera or what comes from the commentator’s mouth.)

With that in mind consider this post to be a gentle request for the people who post updates on match scores in general, and the Waterford United Twitter dude in particular, to have a care with how you phrase things:

GGOOAAL! That’s the first thing you see and it has to be a Waterford goal, right? Wrong, and a moment of delight was swiftly crushed by the despair of knowing the match was lost. It’s fair enough that the likes of Jeff Stelling would go “and there’s been a GOAL! at ANFIELD!, who’s it gone to CHRIS KAMARA?!” as most of the viewers would for that moment be neutral about the outcome – although even those occasional moments are enough to put me off watching Soccer Saturday when Liverpool are playing. But the only people watching the Waterford United Twitter feed think that a goal for the opposition is a very bad thing. Keep the GGOOAAL!’s for Waterford goals alone. For goals against, how about . . .