All’s changed utterly (almost)

I was sincere in my belief that Cork would beat Tipperary yesterday as opposed to just being contrary, and the suspicion that the scars left from losing the 2009 All-Ireland in the manner that they did would prove to not have healed looked right on the money. The scale of the defeat has thrown a spanner in the Championship works. If Tipp had won, it’d all be sailing smoothly towards a repeat clash with Kilkenny in September and Cork would be a potential qualifier opponent who, while carrying that sense of threat that even the worst Cork teams will always carry, would have no record to suggest that they’d be able to go all the way. Now we have a supercharged Cork with Aisake Ó hAilpín looking like the kind of player to make mincemeat of Waterford’s full back line and Tipperary in the qualifiers, traumatised to be sure but with enough proven potential to come right back at ya. It’s all change, and none of it positive for Waterford.

There’s one thing that’s the same, confirmed by Galway’s less-than-stellar win over Wexford. Kilkenny are sitting pretty. If anything, their life has just gotten a whole lot easier. Again, all bad for Waterford. Won’t someone pass the whiskey and revolver?