Get thee behind me, miserablists

Does being a cameraman/woman at a hurling match require a different skill set to other sports? I ask because despite watching today’s match on a postage stamp-sized screen at the far side of the of the office it was still easy to tell whether the ball had gone over the bar or wide, a barely perceptible tweak to the left or the right telling you what had taken place and umpires be damned. Then again, at times it felt like he-shoots-he-wides as Waterford struggled against a very game Clare outfit.

It all worked out though. No doubt plenty of people will be dismissive of only squeaking past a team that couldn’t make it out of Division Two. But having given them a four point head start at the break, it was rather thrilling to see the way in which Waterford, much like they did against Limerick in the corresponding fixture last year, charged away from Clare. I haven’t had the chance to review the game, but outscoring them by six points to one in the last 15 minutes was a decent example of a team seizing the day.

And besides, we have a new win to add to the Championship archive. Clare will no doubt be playing the béal bocht after this one, but they’ve got nothing on us: this was only our ninth ever win against the Banner in the Championship in twenty-four contests (not including four draws). We’ve beaten Tipperary ten times, albeit in forty matches. So let us rejoice. Cork or Limerick (yeah, I know) await in our twenty-fifth Munster final on 11 July.