Once again, work means I won’t be able to get along to see the Minors attempt to give us another double-header to look forward to. If you’re looking for a match report that will take longer to read than it would take to watch the match, you could do worse than read whatever An Moltóir serves up on his new blog, freshly spun off from AFR. An Moltóir’s scientific theory on hurling is that a winning formula is simply to accumulate as many ‘plays’ as possible, a play being when you win the ball and, well, play it. A play can include a wide, something generally considered a most heinous crime by the hurling world, and doesn’t include scores from frees. This kind of counter-intuitiveness is what makes it intriguing. It would be interesting to see whether ‘plays’ are the key to success in hurling. The new website should make it easier to interrogate his theory.

Update: much love to The Passion Within for keeping us all posted on events at Walsh Park on AFR. An Moltóir has a report on the match, although it’s of the more traditional variety. This is fair enough, he can hardly be expected to assemble a play-by-play record without recourse to video. It’s a pity though as it would have been interesting to see how his method copes with such a topy-turvy encounter which looks like it was won by Waterford in a gratifying display of what Americans call a clutch win, i.e. reacting to the pressure by upping your game rather than being crushed by it. Waterford really should be favourites on Sunday after the ease of their win in the first round against Clare, but the short recovery period can’t help our cause. But we’re there after our first win over Cork at Minor level in 60 years. It’s all good.