Waterford GAA results archive – never forget where you’re coming from

It needs to be said again and again and again – these are the best days of our lives. People will scoff at another Munster title in the absence of the All-Ireland, and there’s no point in pretending that should we fall short there again that it won’t be a disappointment. But when you look at our overall Championship record you can see how precious any win over the likes of Cork is. Even Clare, our fellow Munster whipping boys, have a decisively superior record against us. And speaking of whipping boys, when Anthony Daly and Rod Guiney pronounced their respective counties free of that status, they must have assumed it would not return for longer than a few years, if at all. We will go back. We simply don’t have the resources to prevent it. So we must revel in these days while they last.

Our overall record against Galway is pretty good though. Just saying.