White (and blue) guilt

What’s your Munster Championship worth now?!

2007 saw me, after much faux-consideration, decide that I’d hope Kilkenny would win the All-Ireland rather than Limerick. This was a deeply crass point of view to adopt, and no matter how deep the wounds from our loss in the All-Ireland semi-final it wasn’t a righteous position to take.

No such guilt attaches itself to this year, no need for any period of quiet reflection and contemplation this time around – I hope Kilkenny knock seven bells out of Tipperary. The quote above was bellowed out by an anonymous Tipp fan on the Hill as this year’s All-Ireland semi-final wound down. The correct response, one impossible to express at the time due to a desire to draw a veil over proceedings rather than engage with the opposition, and a lack of pithiness, was “it’ll be worth a lot more than an All-Ireland runner-up medal”. Just ask Limerick. Or yourselves last year. Either way, come on Kilkenny.

One thought on “White (and blue) guilt

  1. Peter Quinlan

    A Munster championship isn’t worth an All Ireland championship.
    Yerselves are the boys that know about runner-up medals.

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