A world without lawyers

Christy Cooney has reason to be pleased at how smoothly Plan A went on Sunday with regards to Croke Park’s long-held desire to prevent the pitch invasions on All-Ireland final day. Their assessment that blocking entry from Hill 16 would discourage those in the rest of the ground looks to have been correct and it’s only fair to note, given my belief that this was all about getting a platform out into the middle of the pitch so Etihad Airlines could have their pound of  advertising flesh, that the presentation took place in the Hogan Stand. It’s a tipping point in the story of pitch invasions, tonight’s shocking throwback in Thurles notwithstanding. In ten years time we’ll probably be looking at them as an oddity alongside not winning the All-Ireland through the backdoor or kissing the Archbishop of Cashel’s ring.

But really, are we seriously meant to believe that everyone was just thrilled to bits with it? That nobody expressed the opinion to him that it was all very milquetoast compared to the rough-and-tumble presentations that we’re used to? Christy, you need to broaden your entourage from a series of yes-men.