One more for luck

To the eternal surprise of no-one, Davy Fitzgerald has been reappointed as Waterford manager. What on earth takes place in these interviews? Willie Joe over at the Mayo GAA Blog was cynical about the way the interview for their manager’s position was panning out:

It’s not at all surprising that John Maughan pulled plant when he did.  He’s an army man, after all, and he can spot an ambush far better than us civilians could ever hope to.  That interview panel had ‘ambush’ written all over it, especially where the candidacy of John Maughan was concerned.  There would have been little point in the big man going through the charade of an interview with that line-up across the table from him and so he’s better off disengaging from the process at this stage.

There was a surprise in Mayo with James Horan charging up the inside rail to pip Tommy Lyons at the post, but it would have been much more surprising had the  Waterford County Board followed suit as it would have involved unseating an incumbent, one who had led us to what is only our fifth senior trophy in nearly fifty years. The scornful words of Vincent Hogan would have been perused by all, and you really have to take admire the way in which Davy endured the process of having to apply for his own job. Clearly he wants to be with us, and that in itself is enough to make me feel more cheerful about the year to come.