Cometh the hour (+ 3 mins), cometh the man

We need heroic moments in Waterford hurling. Instances when a player steps up to the plate, two outs in the bottom of the ninth innings while four runs down but with the bases loaded, then cracks a home run to tie the game. And today saw one of those moments. Having trailed Sarsfields for virtually the entire game, De La Salle found themselves staring down the barrel of a two point deficit two minutes into injury time. Thankfully the free that would have left them chasing a goal was missed and Stephen Brenner sent a huge puckout into the Sarsfields half. Not unreasonably they had withdrawn just about everyone into defence which meant that the clearance came to Kevin Moran standing in acres of space on his own 45. In a moment of ball-busting decisiveness he drilled the ball over the bar and De La Salle were still alive. Utterly inspirational, and I felt as giddy as a Junior Cert girl who has found out that the man willing to buy her a flagon of Linden Village is Justin Bieber’s manager.

Unfortunately it wasn’t so much stupendous as stupid on my part to assume that that was that. I was at a christening and didn’t wait to find out whether there was extra time or not. It would have been shattering to have come home and discovered that Moran’s heroics had all been in vain. Happily they built on the reprieve to squeak into another Munster final. Great stuff, and for the final I’ll follow my usual habit of staying to the very end.


2 thoughts on “Cometh the hour (+ 3 mins), cometh the man

  1. Portlairge

    Will you treat the results when you are at the final? All the Cork lads at the match were tweeting the scores for me in extra time. Would have been nice to have a Deise person on 🙂

  2. deiseach Post author

    Not likely. Even if I’m at the final, my phone is a bit of a dinosaur. Besides, why use only 140 characters when a pompous essay will do? 😉

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