Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the puppies of war

An Moltóir has never concealed his lack of faith in Davy Fitzgerald’s stewardship of Waterford, so if he is waxing lyrical about Davy’s handling of players trying to break into the panel  . . .

To give Davy credit, he has devoted much more attention to developing some depth in his squad than his own predecessor did. A wide range of players were given a decent chance to show their worth in this year’s Waterford Crystal and National League competitions, and a much more inclusive approach to squad training produced a situation where some observers have suggested that Waterford’s second team is now better than most intercounty first teams.

. . . then there must be something in it. Inside the Square undertook the thankless task of deconstructing An Moltoir’s prose – rather you than me, bruvva – and came up with this as the team of the future:

      Stephen O’Keeffe      
  Noel Connors   Shane Fives   Aidan Kearney  
  Philip Mahony   Kevin Moran   Stephen Daniels  
    Shane O’Sullivan   Richie Foley    
  Maurice Shanahan   Michael Walsh   Stephen Molumphy  
  John Mullane   Eoin Kelly   Brian O’Halloran  

Tomorrow will see the first teeny step of 2011 although the absence of just about everyone on that list due to club/college commitments or injuries leaves Waterford fielding an experimental team against CIT. In other words, we won’t learn much but I can think of worse ways to spend a fiver.