Was it a boy or a child?

I was quite scornful yesterday of the decision to parachute Adrian Power into the Waterford team at the last minute, thus making fools of those of us who can’t tell the difference between No 1 and No 16. So it was a bit chastening to discover that the reason Clinton Hennessy was not present was because his wife had given birth the night before. Congratulations to Clinton and co. Here’s hoping it has ten fingers, ten toes, the courage of its father and the looks of its mother*.

*This being the internet, I feel obliged to note that I have no idea what Mrs Hennessy looks like. In fact, I don’t even know what Mr Hennessy looks like. He has dark hair, doesn’t he? It’s called ‘humour’. Oh, never mind.

Update: it seems Johnny McCaffrey was put in due to his red card being overturned at the last minute – h/t to Philip in comments. And Joey Boland was out due to ‘flu. Looks like I got everything wrong. No change there. Move along, nothing to see here!


One thought on “Was it a boy or a child?

  1. Philip

    McCafrey was parachuted into the team at the last minute after his red card was overturned – it had nothign to do with trying to mislead either the opposition or fans

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