Get thee to the RSC

Waterford United’s 2011 League campaign kicks off tomorrow against Athlone Town. Alas, work means that I won’t be there to pay homage to newly elected TD and Blues supporter John Halligan, and to see whether the trimming of prices to €10 makes a difference to attendances. Despite a cut in prices, echoing the Blues’ cut from €15 to €13 last season, low crowds have been a persistent feature of the NHL and NFL this year. Could it be possible that people view €10 as disposable while a relatively modest increase of €3 pushes it into the realms of the outrageous? Or are we simply such event junkies that no one can be bothered going to League matches of any stripe in Ireland when there’s Championship matches later on in the year and soccer games involving tens of thousands of people on a regular basis cross-channel? Waterford United might tell us a thing or two. And if nothing else, they deserve support for trying to give the punter better value after decades of hyperinflation in ticket prices.