Gone west

One of my fondest early memories of being a Waterford supporter was beating Galway in the 1988 National League. They had won the double in 1987 and hadn’t lost at all since the tail end of 1986 against Westmeath (I recall this because Jimmy Magee mentioned it to Conor Hayes on Know Your Sport). Having dragged ourselves up from the depths of Division Three, beating the reigning All-Ireland champions and avenging the hammering we had received in the League semi-final the previous year felt like a natural progression in becoming serious contenders.

It didn’t work out that way, and looking at our record against Galway in the League it isn’t hard to see why:

It is, not to put too fine a point on it, rank. We’ve lost the last six games against them, not once coming within a score. Last weekend’s events in the football demonstrated the futility of number-crunching possible League outcomes if Waterford don’t take care of the basics, and Waterford beating Galway seems improbable based on history. Thank heavens for the Championship, eh?