A right Royal rumpus

Over and above the usual benefits one gets from a wife, her being English has had its uses – she was an unmoulded lump of clay when it came to the GAA, sparing me the trauma of a GAA-phobic West Brit partner-in-life. And working for a company that primarily serves the English market has its uses too – not having St Patrick’s Day off is more than offset by the long weekend you get at Easter. But there’s always the potential for the two to come together and create the perfect storm, and thus it has proven today as I prepare for a break in Britain, culminating in a trip to London for the nuptials of Miss Catherine Middleton and Mr William Wales, which means blogging will be rather light for a couple of weeks. Of course, you don’t need an excuse to go to London, and a big party is a very good excuse indeed. Alas, it means I’ll miss the Minor match against Tipperary scheduled for Walsh Park on 27 April, and would have missed the League final had we qualified, but you can’t have it all. Come on the Déise and up the Republic!

NB it must be stressed that back in 2002, when we had made arrangments which subsequently clashed with the Munster final, she happily released me from that obligation. Is this payback? If so, it’s a small price to pay.