“It’s two-all in favour of Rovers” – Philip Greene RIP

Who does the radio commentaries on the League of Ireland these days? Buggered if I know, and it shows how far Irish soccer has fallen in the public consciousness that the death of the man who had handed over the full-time duties before my time (Gabriel Egan was the man in those days; perhaps he still is) should bring me up short.

Philip Greene was the voice of Irish soccer in those days of yore, days when he must surely have been the bane of Waterford soccer fans. This wasn’t because he was a pompous oaf in the vein of his near-namesake currently plying his trade for BBC radio but rather because Shamrock Rovers had the Indian sign over Waterford, and Philip Greene was notoriously a supporter of the Hoops. God knows how many times Waterford supporters must have ground their teeth as they sensed undertones of delight from his commentaries. In the interview from which the image above is taken, you can see him relating the story of the quote from which the title of the thread is taken. More innocent times? Perhaps not, it being the time of the The Ban and all, although he mentions going to Croke Park as a youngster so maybe it wasn’t as antagonistic as it seems now. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.