Half-assed football reference

I haven’t forgotten about the footballers playing the All-Ireland champions on Sunday. It’s just I’ll be otherwise engaged this weekend with a soccer match. And I don’t mean the Blues in the FAI Cup against New Ross Celtic:

See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Half-assed football reference

  1. Portlairge

    My husband is English and I’ve had some bad experiences shouting for England…..namely during the World Cup, sitting in a pub in Waterford. England were playing Denmark and we were sitting next to a group of lads from Dublin who had been on the batter all night (this was at 7am). England scored, we cheered and it went downhill from there. I was very scared. Most of the time it’s good natured ribbing but when drink is involved *shudders*. It took me many years to start cheering for England but now I do with gusto- in football and rugby, unless of course they’re playing Ireland ;-). Our son is 4 and is a citizen of the US, Ireland and England. His Godparents are Irish and Kiwi. Confusion reigns at times. Can we say globalization??
    Glad that England pulled out the draw in the end and that Ireland beat their bogey team, Macedonia.

  2. deiseach Post author

    Thanks for sharing, Portlairge. I mentioned in my account of the game that a group of yahoos made me feel uncomfortable with ‘No Surrender to the IRA’ chants. When my wife read this she said “now you know how I feel every day”! 🙂

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