Frank Murphy will b€ pl€a$€d

Before today’s game in Limerick I decided to tempt fate by – gasp! – filling in my results spreadsheet with the information that we would be playing Tipperary in the Munster final in Cork. This was my smart-arsed way of saying that these things have absolutely no impact on the outcome of the game. There is no cosmic overseer who espies this presumptiousness and sets in train a series of events that allows Clare to reach the final so manners can put on such Déise hubris. And if there is such a character out there, he/she/it has better things to be doing than paying attention to me. Tipperary were going to whip Clare because they are better than them. Simple as that.

Ten minutes in and with Clare six points up, the First Communion rosary beads were being dusted off.

However, there is a force in the GAA that is far stronger than God, Time, Fate, or Whatever. Denied a lucrative Munster hurling final since 2005, there was no way the venerable Secretary of the Cork County Board was going to be denied another opportunity to get some bums on Leeside seats. So it was that Tipperary overhauled Clare to set up a Munster final meeting with Waterford that will surely be in Páirc Uí Caucescu Chaoimh. The possibility of this provoked howls of outrage on, and I’ve often spoke up for Thurles as a venue in the past. But not having played in the Championship in Cork since 2006, it’ll be nice to have a change of scene for Waterford. Even if it does mean enriching the bould Frank.