Learning to dance for Lanigan’s Ball

An age-old question – if Waterford United were to play Liverpool, who would I be cheering for? The question looked like it might have to be answered because if WLR are correct, Liverpool will be playing the Blues on 20 July in the RSC. Even if it is only a reserve team it’s still a bit of coup for Waterford United. You only have to remember the hoopla that surrounded the visit of a ‘Liverpool XI’ to Dunmanway a few years back to see what a big deal even a lineup as naff as this is likely to be is in Ireland. It certainly carries a lot more weight than Ipswich Town, although not as heavy as the stick I got when they were in town a couple of years back.

So who will I be rooting for? Well, I’m not going to have to choose because when faux-Liverpool are in Waterford, this Waterfordman will be in Liverpool seeing the in-laws. Who said irony was dead?