Waterford Tall Ships Festival, 1 July 2011



3 thoughts on “Waterford Tall Ships Festival, 1 July 2011

  1. Patricia Duggan

    It was not great, I expected more. They cleaned up the city a bit, but the big old ugly factory building over the bridge is still sitting there and is a disgrace for Waterford.
    There could have been more attractions. It was the “Tall Ship Festival” and then you did not see many tall ships and if you wanted to see the few ones, you have to climb on a wall!

    But apart form the festival, I would suggest to make the Quay more attractive for tourists and citizens. It is a pity that the car parks take the nice view onto the river away. There could be nice flowers, a promenade with ice cream stands, benches etc., like they do in other countries. But authorities in Ireland are afraid that someone could jump into the river or get food poisened. We are too careful about everything and all the restrictions make it hard to enjoy something.

  2. deiseach Post author

    Well, I had a tremendous time, Patricia. The ‘Tall Ships’ was just an excuse to have a party and party we did. I know where you’re coming from about the old flour mill, it’s an eyesore, but perversely I found it cool to be able to get so close to a place that I’ve seen from a distance for decades 😀 And yes, it would be great if they could make the Quay more pedestrian friendly but you can’t get away from the fact that it’s a major traffic artery, diverting traffic up Bridge Street or Bilberry isn’t really an option. Thanks for commenting!

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