The Leaving of Liverpool (XI)

I’m loath to accuse anyone of being an event junkie. I pick and choose the games I go to, and there’s always going to be someone out there who is more committed to the cause, whatever cause that might be. But really, you have to marvel at the speed with which Waterford United have sold out their friendly with Liverpool’s reserve team. Just to repeat: this is a friendly (that’s a challenge match, GAA types) with a reserve team (that’s a B team, GAA types). This is going to be about as bloodless a game as you are ever likely to get, yet the tickets were snapped up as if Kenny Dalglish is going to feed the crowd with five loaves and two fishes. Having attended to a few matches since the last high-profile friendly the Blues played against Ipswich Town, there is no doubt that a competitive game against the likes of UCD is a superior experience. The funds generated by this match – even the matchday programme should be a moneyspinner – make it worthwhile to the Blues. But the tumbleweed that will blow through the RSC at the next home game against Limerick will quickly take the wind out of the collective sails.