Almost famous

The footballers were on the BBC last night! Okay, it was only the BBC News Channel which is only watched by Dave Spart looking for oppression of revolutionary forces and Outraged of Tunbridge Wells needing material for their next missive to the Telegraph outlining what a waste of license payers money it is. And it was presumably in relation to the fact that we’re playing London today – I couldn’t tell for sure, the sound was off in work, but it seems a reasonable assumption. Still, Waterford on the BBC for something other than industrial strife. Next stop, the New York Times! Or the next round of the qualifiers. Yes, that would probably be better.

Update: I expressed disquiet on yesterday about the selection of Eoin McGrath, supposedly made on the basis that he’s ‘flying in training’. Surely the League should count for more when it comes to the Championship? And whaddya know, the League standings held true in football as Waterford swatted aside London in Ruislip. With there being no Ulster and Connacht championship when we won our only Munster title in 1898 and with no qualifier win before tonight, this is the first time ever Waterford have won a game outside Munster. The 124-year famine is over. When you look at the way in which Galway’s hurlers mowed down Cork today and with the likes of Limerick, Antrim and possibly even Wicklow awaiting Waterford in the next round of the football qualifiers, could our big ball practitioners last longer than the hurlers this year? Probably not, but it’ll be fun finding out.