Desperately seeking Mick Flannelly

Waterford playing in both matches on Munster final day* is not as unusual occurrence as I would have thought. Obviously this is the third year in a row, that it’s happened but we’ve been in this position in 1929, 1931, 1934 and 1948. And it’s the last one that’s the touchstone. Much of the discussion before the game on and Twitter has been to rail against negativity, but I’ve got to come down with those who think repeating what happened in ’48 is wishful thinking. The Minors surely have a 50:50 chance – it’s always hard to tell, but both Clare and ourselves beat Tipperary convincingly – but the Seniors are up against a juggernaut, one that has given us a pounding on the last two occasions we met that wasn’t reflected in the scorelines. A win for the Minors would suffice, and who knows? We could be looking a future McCarthy Cup winner. I’d wait eleven years.

*For all the pedants out there, I know the Munster Minor final was not always played as the curtain-raiser to the Senior match. It’s called ‘a figure of speech’, okay?