Oh Indo, you tease!

People on the early shift where I work get the pleasure of a free copy of the Irish Independent from which they can get lining for the rabbit hutch get the burning stories of the day. Unfortunately for the hard-working Indo hacks I’ve being avoiding anything hurling related in the media for what should be obvious reasons so Martin Breheny’s loss has been Ian O’Doherty’s gain.

Okay, not really. Breheny wrote one column on Thursday noting that attendances at the various GAA qualifiers were up 15% on last year. Given all the hysterical comments on the web detailing that the GAA are ripping off the punters and that’s why attendances are plunging to snake’s-belly-in-a-wagon-rut levels, you’d have thought there would be widespread rejoicing at the news and mea culpas all round. Yet there’s not been a dickie-bird about it. Odd.

What really grabbed my attention was on the back page of the paper today:

How do teams left in the All-Ireland rate? Cyril Farrell assesses their strengths and weaknesses

Would Cyril be so bold to put Waterford to the bottom of the pile, yea even below Limerick? This would be fun, as such. So I flicked through the pages from the back. Flick-flick-flick. There’s a ridiculously predictable ‘Bjorn Again‘ headline, but no sign of Cyril. What gives? Back to the back and there’s the baleful words: TOMORROW IN THE IRISH INDEPENDENT. Well done to the Indo, you’ve got me intrigued. I might even break the habit of a lifetime and buy it.