Giving it 100%

Congratulations to Waterford United on beating the Liverpool XI in the RSC last night. Okay, it’s hardly the most earth-shattering result ever, but the players will have enjoyed seeing the Red shirts laid low and perhaps a few of the throng that populated the ground to see those famous shirts (if not necessarily what was in them) will consider the RSC a more accessible venue than before. It really really really could happen . . .

Ironically I was in Liverpool at the time of the game and still am. Not so ironically – everyone else seems to be misusing the word so why not me? – the decision to change the throw-in time for the Minor match against Kilkenny on Saturday from 7.30pm to 7.00pm means I’m not likely to make it. Yep, the margins are that fine coming in off the ferry. So all that’s left is to wish them well and look forward (!) to the Seniors on Sunday as they attempt to maintain our 100% record against Galway, something the Minors also have to protect against Kilkenny. Do it for the ages, lads!