Croeso i Caergybi!

It’s customary to express relief that no-one was hurt in a car crash, and in the light of the horrors being faced in Norway it would be particularly churlish to bleat about something as trivial as missing a ferry. But having sat in a two-hour traffic jam on the A55 to Holyhead and thus missing our sailing because some boy racer modified car enthusiast was unfamiliar with the brake pedal, all kinds of medieval solutions do spring to mind. At the time of writing in the oh-so-happening joint that is the ferry terminal building, we’re still a good thirteen hours away from home. I don’t mind admitting that the thought of turning around a couple of hours later and heading up to Thurles isn’t particularly appealing.

But then you hear that the Minors toppled Kilkenny tonight in Walsh Park and you think that if they could show the courage to bounce back from adversity then why can’t I find a workaround for my little difficulty? We’ll see, but well done to the Minors, only the third Waterford team to ever beat the Cats at Senior/Minor/Under-21 level in twelve attempts. Now about that 100% record at Senior level against Galway . . .

Update: having read about the accident that has ended Conal Keaney’s season, may I just say how relieved I am that no-one was hurt in that crash on the A55. Shutting up now.

2 thoughts on “Croeso i Caergybi!

  1. deisegirl

    Well it was probably the best Waterford championship match in a while to watch live on TV in terms of stress levels. Not that I wasn’t sweating it out for most of the match anyway – just default position now really if we’re not being hockeyed – but you could definitely sense a bit of steel in the Waterford players this time around (added to Galway being hopeless). I went to “use the facilities” as the teams were coming back out for the second half. Every cheer is imagined to be for other team naturally so colour me shocked when I came back and glanced up to see they’d tacked another four points on since the restart. And it just kept getting better 🙂

  2. deisegirl

    oh and I forgot to mention, you got to miss out on seeing a quartet of tools walking around the pitch with papier mache heads on pretending to be U2….or maybe it was (even better than) the real thing…bla!

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