Married to the mob

Members of that exquisitely privileged club [season ticket holders] are ripping off fellow Liverpool fans in the most egregious manner possible. If they were to average £15 for every away ticket throughout the season, they would be two-thirds of the way to paying off their season ticket. The ghosts of Liverpool fans long dead cry out with frustration at this mockery of support for their club.

J’Accuse – Season Ticket Holders, 13 October 2001

Upon further reflection, I think I may have been too hasty.


2 thoughts on “Married to the mob

  1. deisegirl

    To tell you the truth, I thought they’d had a season ticket for years, and used to share it between them!

  2. deiseach Post author

    It was a ‘Priority Ticket’ which was a bit rubbish. She just used say she had a season ticket rather than having to explain what it was

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